The Proverbs History

The Proverbs began in 1967 when (while still elementary school children) Dave Daw, his brother Frank and their first cousin Ken Harnden began singing together.

Despite personnel changes over the years, Dave has continued this music ministry with the help of various other family members, including his brother, cousin, two sisters, his wife and youngest daughter, a sister in law and two brother's in law, plus 7 other friends.

Today the Proverbs is comprised of Dave Daw, his wife Kathy and their youngest daughter Natasha.

Proverbs alumni include:

Dave Daw

Frank Daw

Ken Harnden

Steve Elliott

Ron Spearman

Owen Greyling

Kathy Daw

Steve Campbell

Karyl (Daw) Tymciw

Dave Taylor

Steve Olmstead

Brenda Welch

Suzanne (Daw) Kellington

Karen Prins

Neil Prins

Paul Tymciw

Natasha Daw