Style of Music

The Proverbs enjoy many different musical influences which are reflected in their music. The result is a tasteful mixture of several different musical styles - all of which feature the Proverbs' "trademark" vocal harmonies.

While group members originally got their start in traditional gospel music, today the Proverbs often blur the lines between southern gospel, inspirational, adult contemporary and other styles of gospel music, thus creating a unique blend that is often referred to as, "contemporary southern gospel".

Over the past several years, the Proverbs have focused on performing as a vocal group, accompanied by the background music from their current albums; supported by "state of the art" sound, plus complimentary video and lighting where appropriate.

The Proverbs are most comfortable with "family" audiences, and have extensive experience doing music festivals, fairs, open-air concerts, coffee houses, retreats, church concerts and radio and TV programs.