Sound and Lights

Due to the extensive use of technology in their live concert presentations, the Proverbs travel with their own sound, video and lighting system that will accommodate most venues seating up to 1200. As a result, the Proverbs normally do not require the use of any "House" sound or lighting equipment. This is the ONLY system that will be used by the Proverbs unless other mutually acceptable arrangements are made well in advance.

Music festivals or multi-group events in larger venues serviced by professional sound contractors, would be the only exceptions to this rule - however - at these events, the Proverbs would typically patch their mixer into the house console in order to control their own mix through the house system.

In some venues where elaborate video projection and multiple screens are already in place, the Proverbs may opt to patch their MacBook Pro into the house video projection system.

The Proverbs work diligently to ensure a technically proficient presentation of their own music and thus do not actively seek to provide on-site sound services for other artists who may also be on the same program.  However, in situations where the Proverbs may be required to provide event sound for other artists, or supply extra gear for larger venues; arrangements need to be made well in advance, with complete tech specs for each artist supplied in writing.  Additional financial consideration for extra equipment rental costs and/or any event technical support provided for other artists by the Proverbs should also be included in event budgeting.