Expenses and Fees

The Proverbs exist to fulfill the "great commission", proving the power of Philippians 4:19 daily, as they continue to operate when doing church appearances, for expenses plus an offering, or other pre-determined honorarium.

For church or other charitable organization bookings, expenses of $300.-$500. per day PLUS an honorarium (or love-offering) are appreciated for locations within 400km (round trip) of Westport, ON. For this type of booking at distances in excess of 400km round trip, please add additional Proverbs bus fuel costs of 55¢/km (over 400km round trip) plus meals and hotel accommodations for 3 where applicable.

While the Proverbs truly enjoy the opportunity to do charitable work for others, due to the sheer number of fundraisers that they are asked to do, they must be selective of which organizations they wish to support, as well as the number of such events that they can actually afford to do - since the Proverbs Gospel Music Association is itself a registered Canadian charity with similar needs.

Generally the group will reduce their fees for such events by approximately 30% but must also ensure that they cover all fuel and travel costs (@55¢/km round trip) PLUS any other out-of-pocket expenses. Please contact us directly to discuss this. CONTACT

In situations where consideration of the Proverbs real expenses is impossible, the assistance of the hosting organization with additional area Proverbs concerts can sometimes reduce the individual sponsor's financial requirements by sharing travel costs between several bookings... The Proverbs will always do their best to work with you to make their services as affordable as possible!

For paid admission events the Proverbs are happy to negotiate appropriate fees... These can vary depending on ticket prices, travel distances or fees of other comparable artists on the programme. Please contact us directly to discuss fees. CONTACT

Motel accommodations (1 room @ 2 queen beds in a reputable hotel chain Holiday Inn, Hilton, Clarion, La Quinta etc.) are appreciated for bookings where distance precipitates over night lodging. The Proverbs also travel in a 40ft Prevost Coach that requires adequate (secure) parking facilities and AC power connections - plus access to rest rooms overnight if hotel accommodations unavailable.

Please feel free to discuss your situation with us ... the Proverbs alway try to be flexible regarding honorariums and to be considerate of individual circumstances, so will work with you to ensure a successful event within budget.