Awards Received

• The Proverbs were named the "most played artist of the year" by the US based "Radio Music Top 100".

• More than 10 songs from the Proverbs latest 3 albums have reached "No. 1" on the Southern Gospel Top 100.

• The Proverbs latest 2 albums, "Good Things" and  "Say Amen" were nominated as, "Album of the Year" by GMA Canada in 2018 and 2015 respectively.

• Dave & Kathy Daw of the Proverbs received the "CGMA (lifetime)ACHIEVEMENT AWARD" for their outstanding contributions to the advancement of Gospel Music In Canada.

• Several of the Proverbs albums have been CGMA Covenant Award winners for "Best Album", "Best Album Production" and "Best Cover Design".
Kathy Daw was voted favourite female vocalist of the year by the members of CGMA numerous times.

• The Proverbs were honoured by the Canadian Gospel Music Association as "Canada's Top Mixed Gospel Group" for more than a dozen times.

• In 1973 The Proverbs were selected by the Oak Ridge Boys to represent Canada at the International Festival of Gospel Song, in Nashville, Tennessee... following their performance, they were made honorary citizens of the state of Tennessee by the honorable Winfield Dunn, Governor of Tennessee.

• In 1970 the Proverbs received the F.M. Monier Award for best gospel group in Kingston, Ontario in a contest judged by "the Couriers" from Harrisville, PA.

• In 1969 the newly formed Proverbs took second place in the amateur contest at the "Toronto All Night Sing" hosted by Harold Lossing, at Massey Hall.