Natasha Daw was born in Kingston, ON and is the youngest of the 4 children of Dave & Kathy Daw.

Natasha has Downe Syndrome, and although she began life with many medical and physical challenges, she continually amazes everyone with all the she has accomplished, and she is very healthy and happy today!

Natasha has grown up surrounded by family in the country just outside of Westport, ON and after completing elementary school in Westport, she attended Rideau District High School in Elgin, ON. Natasha graduated from high school in 2012 and was also voted Prom Queen that same year by her graduating class!

During the week, Natasha works in the family business  at Summit Sound. She also has 2 cats, "Mr. Floofington" and "Teddy Kitty" that she loves to care for.

Natasha is a huge gospel music fan and corresponds regularly by email, and on Facebook with many of the best known names in southern gospel music. She is also a music and movie trivia buff, and constantly amazes everyone with her vast knowledge of song writers, album and movie producers, studio musicians and actors! She will often hear songs that pre-date her by several decades, but can tell you the name of the movie for which that particular song was part of the musical soundtrack!

Natasha is also an avid photographer and loves to post photos of herself with family and all of her Facebook friends (particularly on their birthdays). She also remembers everyone's birthday and is famous for her congratulatory video posts and birthday "raps"!

Natasha especially loves to pray, and is thus constantly asked to pray for people that she meets through the ministry of the Proverbs... and she follows through!

Natasha's greatest passion is singing, and so she devotes hours to practising every single day! She also puts in considerable time every day exercising on the treadmill, while listening to her favourite southern gospel music.

Natasha absolutely loves travelling and singing with her parents Dave and Kathy, almost every weekend in the Proverbs. There, she continues to develop her musical abilities and clearly holds the record for the most "standing ovations" of any group member in the 50+ year history of the Proverbs!

You can find Natasha on Facebook, so feel free to contact her there, or by email via our contact page.