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It has always has been difficult for observers to clearly identify the Proverbs musical style. Rather than fitting into a single music format, the Proverbs enjoy many different musical influences which are reflected in their music. The result is a tasteful mixture of several different musical styles - all of which include the Proverbs' "trademark" smooth, tight vocal harmonies. As a result, it can be said that the music of the Proverbs speaks for itself!

While each of the group's members got their start in traditional gospel music, today, the Proverbs often blur the lines between southern gospel, inspirational, adult contemporary and other forms of gospel music with a unique blend that can range from traditional SG to contemporary R&B, new country and even bluegrass! As a result of this diversity, the Proverbs have shared billing with many of gospel music's best known artists - including the majority of those featured on the Gaither Homecoming video series.

Although all the members of this group are accomplished musicians, today, the Proverbs perform primarily as a vocal group, accompanied by the background music from their current CDs, but have also (once again) began to perform some live background music in their concerts. The Proverbs are currently touring in support of their latest Summit Sound album - "The Proverbs - Give it Away" and are already selecting material for their 20th album.

In a typical concert presentation, the music ranges from easy listening, to contemporary Christian, new country and southern gospel and is often supplemented by tasteful humour, as well as personal testimonies from various group members.

The Proverbs are most comfortable with "family" audiences, and have extensive experience doing music festivals, fairs, open-air concerts, coffee houses, retreats, church concerts and radio and TV programs. Whatever the situation, the Proverbs make an effort to be sensitive to the musical preferences of the audience, while presenting a high quality musical package in a professional manner; all without compromising a clear presentation of the simple Gospel message.

The Proverbs are best known for their commitment to quality music presentations that remain musically current, while emphasizing unchanging Christian family values.  The Proverbs dedication to excellence results from a personal conviction that, "anything we do for Christ should be done to the best of our ability". Proverbs group members endeavor to conduct their personal lives and ministry, mindful of II Corinthians 5:20 - "We are therefore Christ's ambassadors, as though God were making His appeal through us".

Each of the members of the Proverbs are born-again Christian believers, dedicated to sharing their personal faith through live musical performances that combine humour, professional sound and great music in am enjoyable package that is sure to be appreciated by anyone who has an appreciation for quality from people of integrity.