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Due to the extensive use of technology in their live concert presentations, the Proverbs travel with their own sophisticated "state of the art" sound and lighting system (and operator) that will accommodate most venues seating of up to 1500. 

This is the ONLY system that will be used by The Proverbs unless other mutually acceptable arrangements are made well in advance. Large festivals or multi-group events in very large venues with professional sound contractors would be the exceptions to this rule - however - at these events, the Proverbs sound operator will still mix the Proverbs live sound on the designated house system. 

The Proverb's own sound setup typically includes a complete computer assisted room audio-analysis. ... As a result, the Proverbs normally do not require the use of any "House" sound or lighting equipment. (Use of Proverbs lighting is optional)

The Proverbs are fully equipped with their own digital playback equipment to reproduce backing music tracks and once again are carrying some musical instruments for accompaniment (including keyboards & bass guitar). Where the Proverbs are to lead congregational worship the promoter should also provide a quality 5 pc. drum kit.

In situations where the Proverbs will be required to provide event sound for other artists performing on the same event, or supply gear for larger venues, arrangements need to be made well in advance (with tech spec for each artist supplied in writing) Additional fees for Proverbs equipment rental and event sound system operation would apply.