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Here's what people are saying about The Proverbs

 "As I indicated to you in my closing comments at the camp, we do believe that yours is not just a performance of music, but is very much a ministry of music. This ministry is evident not only in the singing that you do, but also in the way that you give of yourselves to those to whom you minister."

Captain Byron Jacobs - Salvation Army.

 "Thank-you for your ministry to us at our outdoor service. I was very pleased with the clear gospel presentation and the quality of the music . . . I had a number of very positive comments about both the group and the atmosphere of the service. I appreciate your group, not only for your music but for the clear testimony and reputation that you have."

Pastor Doug Tiffin - Fellowship Evangelical Baptist Church.

 "Thank-you Proverbs for your blessed ministry, both last night and again this morning.We praise God for bringing you here to us".

Pastor John Buschert - PAOC Church.

 "I am delighted to express to you our most grateful thanks for your excellent contribution to our Youth Councils . . . Your effective testimony incorporated into your music, contributed much to the weekend . . . If I can do anything to make your ministry known to some of my colleagues, I will count it a pleasure to do so".

Major Woody G. Hale, Salvation Army.

 "On behalf of myself and our congregation, we extend a sincere thank-you to your group for the fine ministry you provided Sunday, January 31st . . . Our Music & Worship Committee met and it was unanimous to invite you back" .

Pastor Peter Gibbons - Missionary Church.

 "Your music was certainly worth the wait. Thank-you for ministering to the young people, and many others from across the district. I think from what I heard, many would like a return visit sometime in the future . . . Thanks again for being with us. I hope that we can do it again".

Pastor Glenn Reeder - Church Of The Nazarene.

 "Thanks for your involvement in our Boat Cruise last weekend. I'm grateful for your flexibility and willing attitudes . . . We received lots of good feedback and thank you for all you did. God bless you."

Jake Tyler - Youth For Christ

 "Thank-you so much for your excellent ministry to us this past Sunday morning. Both your spirit and your quality of music were much appreciated by myself and our people. I heard many favourable comments
following the service and your songs were a blessing to our hearts. . . Thank-you for your willingness to come and minister to us!"

Pastor Rod Guptill - Wesleyan Church