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At present, the Proverbs is primarily a vocal group, comprised of 3 singers performing live vocals with pre-recorded background music from their many CD's. However, the group has also (once again) begun performing some live musical background on keyboards, bass guitar & drums.

Although all 4 current Proverbs members are both musicians and vocalists, in 2004 the group members made a decision to concentrate on being a vocal group. As a result the group performs primarily with pre-recorded background music, but now also again includes a capella music and some live instruments along with the recorded backgrounds and their vocals.

With advance notice, the Proverbs also can lead congregational singing or pre-concert "worship". This can include a worship band of keyboards, bass guitar and drums along with the Proverbs 3 main vocalists. (for any events requiring the Proverbs to lead worship, the promoter must provide a quality 5 pc drum kit on-site. )