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Interesting facts about The Proverbs

1. Who are The Proverbs?
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2. Where can I see The Proverbs in concert?
Click here to view their list of personal appearances

3. Where can I purchase a tape, CD, or DVD of The Proverbs?
Click here to enter the merchandise section of theproverbs.com

4. Where can I purchase a soundtrack of a Proverbs song?
Click here to email a request for a Proverbs sound track

5. Where can I obtain the sheet music or a songbook of Proverbs songs?
At present the Proverbs do not offer sheet music or songbooks of their songs

6. I ordered product from the website and haven t received it yet. What should I do?
The Proverbs office is prompt about sending out ordered product. If it s been a while and you re concerned, call Customer Service toll-free at: 1-800-403-9755

7. When will The Proverbs release a new project?
Subscribe to Proverbs Mail on the Proverbs home page for the latest updates on this news.

8. How can I make  a donation to the ministry of the Proverbs? (All donations are tax deductible)
Click here to enter donation page of theproverbs.com

9. Who should I contact for permission to record one of The Proverbs (original) songs?
Contact Summit Sound Inc at: 1-800-403-9755 or here to email Dave Daw

10. Where can I submit a song for consideration for The Proverbs to record?
Send Song Demo & Lyrics to: Summit Sound Inc., 184 McAndrews Rd (P.O. Box 333) Westport, ON K0G 1X0.
You may also email an mp3 file. If your song is accepted, you will be contacted.

11. How can I get an autographed picture of The Proverbs?
Click here to request a picture in the merchandise area of theproverbs.com

12. What s The Proverbs advice to up and coming artists / songwriters?
Click here to find out

13. How can I find out more about the history of The Proverbs?
Click here to visit the Proverbs History page at: theproverbs.com

14. Who handles the bookings for The Proverbs?
Booking for The Proverbs is handled by David or Kathy Daw at Summit Sound Inc. please click here to email them

15. How can I get on The Proverbss mailing list for upcoming concert notification?
Click here to email your address, city, st, zip, phone, email

16. How can I subscribe to The Proverbs email newsletter?
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17. How can I send a personal note to The Proverbs?
Send an Email to info@theproverbs.com with the group member's name in the subject line, or visit "group members" section on the Proverbs homepage which contains direct email addresses for each member of the Proverbs.

18. Will I get a personal response to my email to the Proverbs?
The Proverbs make every reasonable attempt to read all of their email. Due to the large quantity of mail they receive, it is impossible to guarantee a reply to every message, but a response is likely!

19. Awards Received:
Dave & Kathy Daw of the Proverbs received the "CGMA (lifetime)ACHIEVEMENT AWARD" for their outstanding contributions to the advancement of Gospel Music In Canada. 
Several of the Proverbs albums have been CGMA Covenant Award winners for "Best Album", "Best Album Production" and "Best Cover Design".
Kathy Daw was voted favourite female vocalist of the year by the members of CGMA numerous times,.
The Proverbs were honoured by the Canadian Gospel Music Association as "Canada's Top Mixed Gospel Group" for more than a dozen times.
In 1973 The Proverbs were selected by the Oak Ridge Boys to represent Canada at the International Festival of Gospel Song, in Nashville, Tennessee... following their performance, they were made honorary citizens of the state of Tennessee by the honorable Winfield Dunn, Governor of Tennessee.
In 1970 the Proverbs received the F.M. Monier Award for best gospel group in Kingston, Ontario in a contest judged by "the Couriers" from Harrisville, PA.
In 1969 the newly formed Proverbs took second place in the amateur contest at the "Toronto All Night Sing" hosted by Harold Lossing, at Massey Hall.