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The Proverbs advice to up and coming artists / songwriters

The Proverbs meet many people who feel God has called them into music ministry, and are constantly asked how to succeed in Gospel music.

Members of the Proverbs Dave & Kathy Daw have dedicated their lives and professional careers (aside from the musical ministry of the Proverbs) to assisting people just like you!

Our best advice is to keep playing and singing and asking God for guidance. We also recommend that you sing/play at every opportunity and pray daily about the direction God wants you to take. If you feel God has called you to a music ministry, seek to perfect your talent and get any good musical training you can afford. Instrumental and vocal lessons can only benefit you and help you to achieve your dreams. Many good self help music training systems exist that will allow you to learn at home with music instructional DVDs - check http://www.canadiankoalamusic.com for some great products distributed by Dave & Kathy's son Jeremy Daw.

For some of the best advice on putting your stage performance together, we recommend obtaining Tom Jackson Productions’ video series which is available through his website  If you are a vocalist, we suggest you utilize the resources, of  The Vocal Coach. You may visit Chris & Carole Beatty’s website to find more information on their service.

Depending on the genre of music you choose, some “industry” websites you will want to visit are the Gospel Music Association, the Southern Gospel Music Association, and the Southern Gospel Music Guild. Canadian artists may also wish to contact the Canadian Gospel Music Association or CGMA. 

The Proverbs experience as recording artists (both positive an negative) prompted Dave & Kathy Daw to found a Christian recording and custom music manufacturing company called Summit Sound Inc. in 1974 to help other artists in their music ministries. To date, they have assisted hundreds of Christian music artists from both Canada and the USA as one of Canada's leading custom music production specialists. You can find lots of free information on custom recording, studio musicians, CD manufacturing, packaging, copyright, mechanical licensing and much more on their website at http://www.summitsound.com 

If you have specific questions don't hesitate to contact Dave or Kathy Daw through the joint offices of Proverbs and Summit Sound by calling 1-800-403-9755.

Wishing you God's best in all your musical endeavors!

The Proverbs.